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With his extensive knowledge of the furniture trade Mr Solomon Byrom and his wife came from Nottingham to Kendal on 17 September 1934, with every intention of making their new venture a success. They took the first shop on Highgate no 68. They went on to have 4 sons: David, Ronnie, Roy and John. David and Ronnie went to serve King and country in the forces during the Second World War between 1939 and 1945. After the war David and Ronnie travelled back to Kendal and joined the family business. Ronnie got married and subsequently Nigel Byrom was born in December 1953, the eldest grandchild.


Byrom’s Furnishings then moved to No 87 Highgate and expanded the business into No 75 Highgate and then No 40 Marketplace, having three shops ran by the family in Kendal town. In 1967 Mrs Byrom Senior passed away and 10 years later the original Mr Solomon Byrom also passed away.


Nigel Byrom joined his father Ronnie Byrom in the family business until 2012 when Ronnie Byrom sadly passed away. Now the 4th generation, Aaron Byrom – Nigel’s son – joined the family business. Aaron Byrom has now modernised and expanded the business, which now includes Castle Furnishings selling quality end of line furnishings. And here the family firm stands today.

Sharon Byrom

3rd Generation of Byrom's Furnishings

1959 - Present

Solomon Byrom

1st Generation of Byrom's Furnishings

1899 - 1977

Doris Byrom

1st Generation of Byrom's Furnishings

1899 - 1967

Shelia Byrom

2nd Generation of Byrom's Furnishings

1930 - 1970

Ronald Soloman Byrom

2nd Generation of Byrom's Furnishings

1926 - 2012

Nigel Ronald Byrom

3rd Generation of Byrom's Furnishings

1953 - Present

Aaron Byrom

4th Generation of Byrom's Furnishings

1991 - Present

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