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Ulster Ariana Antique Stone
Ulster CHC Beaumont Brindle
Ulster Glenmoy Roberston Close

At Nigel Byrom's, Kendal, we are proud to offer the whole range of Ulster's luxury carpets in our showroom. See below for the beautiful ranges available.

History of Ulster

Ulster Carpets was founded by George Walter Wilson in Northern Ireland in 1938 and is still privately owned by the founder’s family. Ulster has taken the positive attributes associated with being a Family-owned establishment and combined them with a Forward-thinking, global approach to business. The result is a technologically advanced, service-driven company with flair, flexibility and a passion for quality.


Quality Assurance

All of Ulster's yarn is manufactured in their own spinning

plant in Dewsbury, North Yorkshire, enabling them to have total control over the quality of yarn and long-term

security of supply. Their woven carpets are quadruple-sheared and inspected three times, and all of the stock ranges have been upgraded in the last five years to a heavier weight 2 ply yarn. This improved yarn will enhance the durability of the carpet and its lifespan.

Ulster the mix Bloom Moonlight Close Up
Ulster York Wilton Matador close-up
Ulster Sheriden Acorn Cameo & Runner
Ulster Open Spaces Wellington Stripe Quay close-up
Ulster Natural Choice Tapestry Natural - Close Up
Ulster Glenmoy Roberston Close Up
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